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At Dick Hannah Auto Detailing, we offer a variety of graphic services for your automobile to improve its style, increased comfort, and overall protection. Not only do we make decals for your business vehicle, we also do vinyl wrap to any size vehicles. We have worked with hundreds of companies in creating and applying wrap to vehicles. If you are not seeking graphics, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is another alternative in protecting your investment. This film can be applied on most of your vehicle and is clear, this protects your car’s paint from rock chips and scratches from the harsh environment. We also offer window tinting which protects your interior from the suns harmful UV rays along with keeping the temperature of the interior cooler during the hotter months.

Window Tinting

Tinted windows help block damaging UV rays, keep the interior of your vehicle cooler, and reduce glare. And the look awesome. We offer a couple of options with our window tint film.


For a great combination of privacy and heat rejection, XPEL Prime Color Stable (CS) window film is an ideal choice. It blocks over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, has up to 48% heat rejection and provides a lifetime of color-stable, glare-blocking performance.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Will never fade or change color
  • Reduces glare
  • UV ray protection
  • Crystal clear signal
  • Choose from 20%, 30% or 43% tint

XPEL Prime XR Plus

XPEL Prime Plus nano-ceramic particle formulation blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays and more than 98% of its heat and infrared radiation – all without the metallic ingredients other films use that can disrupt radio, cellular and Bluetooth usage inside your car.

  • Ceramic particle technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Up to 98% infrared heat rejection
  • UV ray protection
  • Greater clarity
  • Crystal clear signal
  • Choose from 20%, 30%, 45% or 70% tint

Paint Protection Film

Your vehicle could be one of the largest expenses in your life, so why not go to extra lengths to protect it? Dick Hannah Auto Detailing offers premium paint protection film and application that can protect your vehicle for a lifetime. Our film is a durable, high-grade, and colorless urethane material that can be applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle’s exterior. It helps to keep your paint looking great and can significantly reduce paint chips and other road and weather damage.

Vinyl Wraps

A vinyl wrap or car wrap is a special vinyl material that is applied on the surface of a vehicle to alter or customize its appearance. Car wraps are primarily used as a marketing medium to promote businesses; they are also applied to customize the look of a personal passenger vehicle. A car wrap can completely or partially cover a vehicle, and usually lasts up to five years, and even more with proper maintenance.

Before vinyl wrapping technology came about, the appearance of cars could only be altered through a paint job, which can take weeks to accomplish. With vinyl wrapping, car owners only need to wait a couple of days, thanks to the ease at which vinyl vehicle wraps are applied. Vehicle wraps can also be easily removed, allowing you to change or modify your vehicle’s appearance as often as you want without the price tag that paint jobs come with.

Custom Decals & Custom Banners

Interested in having a custom decal on your vehicle? With our talented in house graphic designer, we are able to design, print and apply it to your vehicle. We are able to print any vinyl material and pretty much any material that can adhere to a vehicle (static cling, magnets, etc.).

Custom banners can be made up to 4 ft. in length and as wide as you prefer.

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